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Publications for July 2016 Newsletter

  • Efficacy of Low-Stress Herding
    and Low-Moisture Block to Target Cattle Grazing Locations on New Mexico Rangelands. Stephenson, Mitch B., Derek W. Bailey, Larry D. Howery, and Leticia Henderson, 2016. Journal of Arid Environments 130, 84-93.
  • Effects of Rumen Protected Arginine Supplementation
    to Cows During Early or Late Gestation on Progeny Glucose Tolerance (PDF). Owensby, L. R., C. B. Gardner, R. C. Dunlap, C. A. Löest, S. L. Ivey, S. H. Cox, A. F. Summers, and E. J. Scholljegerdes. 2016. West. Sec. Am. Soc. Anim. Sci. 67:194-197.

To Be Available- Publications

  • Drivers of grazing livestock efficiency: how physiology, metabolism, experience and adaptability influence productivity. Mulliniks, J. T., and R. W. Waterman. 2016. J. Anim. Sci. 94 (Suppl. 2): In press.

  • Supplementation and Sustainable Grazing Systems. Bohnert, D. W., and M. B. Stephenson. 2016. J. Anim. Sci. 94 (Suppl. 2): In press.

  • How do we identify energetically efficient grazing animals? Scholljegerdes, E. J., and A. F. Summers. 2016 J. Anim. Sci. 94 (Suppl. 2): In press.

Publications for December 2015 Newsletter

  • Performance of Beef Cattle
    As Influenced by Controlled and Uncontrolled Populations of Horn Flies (Diptera:Muscidae) (PDF). Brandon Smythe, Mark Wise, Eric Scholljegerdes. WSASAS Proceedings, July 2015.
  • Effects of Feeding Ground Juniper
    to Gestating Ewes on Pre-and Postpartum Ewe Performance, Serum Metabolites, and Progeny Pre-Weaning Performance (PDF). Whit Stewart, T. Whitney, Eric Scholljegerdes, Dennis Hallford, Sergio Soto-Navarro, H. Naumann . WSASAS Proceedings, July 2015.
  • Do Movement Patterns of GPS-Tracked Cattle
    on Extensive Rangeland Pastures Suggest Independence Among Individuals? (PDF). Mitch Stephenson, Derek Bailey, Adrienne Lipka and Steven Lunt . SRM Proceedings, January 2015.
  • Effect of Terrain Heterogeneity
    on Feeding site Selection and Livestock Movement Patterns. (PDF). Derek Bailey, Mitch Stephenson and Marco Pettarello. SRM Proceedings, January 2015.
  • Heifer Body weight Gain
    and Reproductive Achievement in Response to Protein and Energy Supplementation While Grazing Dormant Range Forage (PDF). Richard Waterman, Jason Sawyer, Kim Kane, Dean Hawkins, and Mark Petersen. 2014. Agricultural Sciences 5:1296-1304.
  • Effect of Late Gestation Bodyweight Change
    and Condition Score on Progeny Feedlot Performance (PDF). Travis Mulliniks, Jason Sawyer, Flint Harrelson, Clay Mathis, Shad Cox, Clint Loest and Mark Petersen. 2015. Animal Production Science.

Other Publications

  • Altered Rumen Microbial Populations
    in Response to High Sulfate Water in Lambs (PDF). A. N. Abrams, C. J. Clarkson, K. J. Austin, M. J. Ellison, H. C. Cunningham, G. Conant, W. R. Lamberson, T. Taxis, and K. M. Cammack. 2016. West. Sec. Am. Soc. Anim. Sci. 67:219.
  • Health and Performance
    and Ovalbumin-Specific Immunoglobulin Titers of Feedlot Receiving Calves in Response to Intranasal or Subcutaneous Vaccination Programs (PDF). Eben Oosthuysen, Mike Hubbert, James Graves, Amanda Ashley, Clint Loest. WSASAS Proceedings, June 2015.
  • Assessment of Supplemental Trace Mineral Level
    and Source on Liver and Serum Mineral Concentrations After Feeding Cattle a Diet Deficient in Trace Minerals (PDF). Margaret Garcia, E. Oosthuysen, M. Hubbert, M. Branine, C. Larson, C. Loest, E. Scholljegerdes. WASAS Proceedings, June 2015.

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