Popular Press Articles

The Corona Range and Livestock Research Center has been the subject of the following popular press articles.

  • Comparison of Low-Input Pasture
    to High-Input Drylot Backgrounding on Performance and Profitability of Beef Calves Through Harvest. BNET: Business Network (Online Media).
  • NMSU Project Examines Impact of Good Nutrition Early In Calves' Lives. The Cattleman Magazine, Ft. Worth, TX. November 2007.
  • Early Calf Nutrition
    Studied at NMSU Corona Research Ranch. The Beef Blog (Online Media). September 15, 2007.
  • This Is My Job: High Tech Rancher
    MSN.com (Online Magazine). Lifestyle: Men section. Interview by Christian DeBennedetti and photographed by Gregg Segal. Popular Mechanics Feature. March 7, 2007. Reprint of March 2006.
  • Crossbred Sheep Pack on the Pounds. Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico section. Interview and pictoral by Leslie Linthicum. Albuquerque, NM. January 11, 2005.
  • Academic Angus
    ANGUS Journal Magazine. Authored by Angie Stump Denton. February 1997.