Grazing Livestock Nutrition Conference

The first call-to-order of the Grazing Livestock Nutrition Conference occurred in July 1987 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. That meeting was dedicated to Drs. Lorin Harris and C. Wayne Cook who inspired the science of Range Livestock Nutrition in the Western United States. The Grazing Livestock Nutrition Conference was developed to facilitate a forum where researchers, practitioners and students meet, explore advances, and learn the science of grazing animal nutrition. It is the goal of the conference to be held in a location that is appealing, with a beautiful outdoor venue, to encourage participants coming together for formal and informal discussions. Much of the conference agenda is related to semi-arid and arid extensive rangelands, although topics of importance to improved pasture settings are included. Another important consideration in the planning of these meetings includes the realization that livestock grazing occurs around the globe primarily in extensive grazing scenarios; this recognition has prompted an international aspect to these meetings. Highly respected international researchers have been key speakers presenting challenging theories and intriguing experimental results. Their contribution in the past and in recent years is highly valued. The Livestock Grazing Nutrition Conference occurs infrequently with 13 years passing since the adjournment of the third conference. There have been many technological advances during that period. The conference papers, abstracts, and discussion reflect some of these developments. The 4th meeting was planned and organized by members of the Multistate Research Project, W1012. We hope the proceedings are useful.

Past Proceedings - Grazing Livestock Nutrition Conferences

First Grazing Livestock Nutrition Conference

July 23-24, 1987; Jackson, Wyoming

Second Grazing Livestock Nutrition Conference

August 2-3, 1991; Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Third Grazing Livestock Nutrition Conference

July 18-19, 1996; Custer State Park, South Dakota

Fourth Grazing Livestock Nutrition Conference

July 9-10, 2010; Estes Park, Colorado