Current CRLRC Forage Analysis Results

December 2010 Forage Analysis West End (8 miles E. of Corona)
Image of Forage Analysis
December 2010 Forage Analysis East End (21 miles E. of Corona)
Image of 2010 Forage Analysis

18 Year Summary of Diet Sampling Analysis

Forage analysis is an intregal part of a range nutrition program. Knowing what your cows are getting from grazing the range helps to develop your supplementation program. Ranchers can take forage samples from pastures at different seasons and send to a lab for analysis of all nutritional parameters and mineral content of the sample. The CRLRC sends forage samples throughout the year for analysis for reference. Additionally, the ranch has the capability to utilize ruminally cannulated cows and heifers to take an actual diet sample from the animal. A rumen cannula is a surgically applied access port into the stomach of the cow. We remove all of the rumen content from each cow, then allow them to graze for a period of time, then take the forage that the cow grazed during the time as a representative sample in time, and finally we add back all of the rumen content we removed so that the cow is not effected by the procedure. This is the best sample that can be taken from the range because the cow actually sampled the range for us. A forage sample is just your or my guess at what the cow may eat and may not be what the cow picks. An interesting note, we have taken dozens of samples of dormant range that we could not see any green forage, however when the cow is sampled they always have located green feed that we would not have sampled if taking the forage sample ourselves.

Below are graphs representing the summary of 18 years of diet sample analysis by month of the year. Each graph represents the highest, lowest and average results obtained during analysis of diet samples.

Summary: 18 Year CP Analysis
Summary: 18 Year CP Analysis
Summary: 18 Years Forage TDN
Summary: 18 Years Forage TDN
Summary: 18 Years Forage NDF
Summary: 18 Years Forage NDF

New Mexico Forage Mineral Survey (2004)

An extensive forage mineral study was published by Clay Mathis and Jason Sawyer in 2004. The intent of the study was to quantify amounts of measured minerals and differences within the state of New Mexico. The published manuscript is available below, as well as, I have included the published tables below for quick reference.

Statewide Forage Mineral Survey
Image of Table 1
Image of Table 3
Image of Table 4