Mineral Nutrition & Supplementation

Mineral nutrition can be complex. Consumption of mineral is the sum of vegetation, soil, water and supplement intake. Concentration of minerals in the diet and diet requirements fluctuates throughout the year. Designing a simple, yet easy to manage mineral program that succeeds may involve on the ranch testing for a couple of years. The form of ALL of these factors add to the challenges in formulating an effective mineral supplement.

Mineral Supplementation

Corona Ranch Mineral
Image of cow consuming CRLRC "Corona Ranch" Mineral
Self fed, self limiting mineral supplement
  • Strategic Supplementation: Mineral Nutrition
    With a Self Fed Loose Salt-Mineral Mix. Continuing observations of the CRLRC developed mineral program with some discussion of evaluating a lower amount of phosphorus to reduce mineral expense. (CRLRC 2008 Field Day proceedings)
  • CRLRC Mineral Article
    From the December 2006 Newsletter. Article describing the approach the CRLRC has taken in mineral supplementation (CRLRC December 2006 newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 2). Our mineral formulation is continuously being re-evaluated with the most current formulation available below.
  • Mineral Nutrition
    With a Self-Fed Loose Salt-Mineral Mix. Developing the mineral nutrition program for the CRLRC. (CRLRC 2005 Field Day proceedings) The formulation is continuously re-evaluated and tweaked current formula recommendation below.
  • CRLRC "Corona Ranch" Mineral Formula
    This is the most current (March 2008) formula for the CRLRC "Corona Ranch" range cow mineral. The CRLRC currently uses a reduced copper formula ranchwide to reduce toxicity in sheep where combined grazing could occur.
  • New Mexico Forage Mineral Survey
    An extensive statewide forage mineral study published by Clay Mathis and Jason Sawyer in 2004. The intent of the study was to quantify amounts of measured minerals and differences within the state of New Mexico.
  • New Mexico Forage Mineral
    Availability and Defeciencies Tables. The published tables from the above New Mexico Forage Mineral Survey are available for viewing on the Forage Analysis page.