Brush Control

Encroachment of piñon-juniper wooodland and other brush species can have a detrimental effect on many facets of land management. Decreased forage production, increased erosion, lowered net income and fire hazard, to name a few. Below are links to information reported from research conducted here at the CRLRC, as well as, publications published by NMSU Cooperative Extension Service and the Agricultural Experimental Station.

Controlling Juniper On the CRLRC

  • Small-scale Variation In Soil
    Moisture Content Under One-Seed Juniper Trees. Preliminary results investigating water use by juniper trees. (CRLRC 2005 Field Day Proceedings)

General Information

  • Control Cholla Cactus
    Effective ways of controlling Cholla on rangeland. (NMSU CES Bulletin B-804, June 1997)